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Limited Time, Screwed Priorities [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Clannad sentai [May. 13th, 2011|02:09 am]

Looks like I can't get beyond expanding story concepts anymore. Still latching into this idea should I ever get back to playing Clannad. Inspired by an old chat between me and Jarjer.

Just another bunch of story concept notes.Collapse )
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Just a random story idea I'd never use [May. 9th, 2011|05:19 pm]

Thought up a story concept some time ago, but never got a story based on it. So into the forgotten blog it goes.

Tab to select me, please. Pokes from those cursors hurt :(Collapse )

I get a few ideas with the premise every now and then, but nothing concrete enough to write a story with. Ah well, writing thoughts on it like this is close enough.
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Progress report [May. 2nd, 2011|05:19 pm]

Still bored. After over a year here, it's pretty clear that I won't have anything interesting enough to write about happening anytime soon. So in the meanwhile, this is just a little progress report of useless things I've been working on during my stay here.

useless thingsCollapse )

Bored, so bored. Nothing fun to do outside the computer besides whims that come once in a while.
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(no subject) [Dec. 2nd, 2010|01:51 am]
Great, first post since so long, and I'm too sleep deprived and neck deep in procrastinated work to have anything more than a quiz result I found interesting at the moment.

Why click the lj-cut when you can google for disco urinals?Collapse )
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Cultural differences, it's more complicated than I thought [Jun. 25th, 2010|05:29 pm]
Found out the elevator that goes to the roof is under maintenance, so used the stairs.
Found out on the way down that the door to the 6th floor is locked from the outside of the stairwell, so went all the way to the ground floor.
Left the stairwell through the ground floor door, so triggered the door's alarm.

Whoops, must have been the emergency stairwell without the word "emergency" labeled on it. Should've known no one here would think of using the stairs unless it was a last resort.

Good job, me. Can't temporarily stay anywhere without messing up big on the last day!

Random Discovery Corner!

Washing machine magic IS real!
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Old man rambling [Feb. 14th, 2010|11:46 pm]
Okay, I'm going to be here for a whole year at least. I agreed that I'll at least give this place a chance, and it's clear now that the offerings of this place isn't going to be made known within 3 months if I'm going to be confined within the house in front of the computer all the time. Since I said I'll give it a chance and see, it'll have to be fair so the judgement will be unbiased at the end. So I'm enrolled in a college here. I'd like to believe that I can pull out whenever I'm disatisfied, but the loan we're taking for the tuition is making me nervous. Going to have to earn enough to pay the full tuition anytime to make sure the option of returning is still open...

The following is a mess and contains too many words. Basically a compilation of thoughts I wrote down regarding transferring here since I came here. They were supposed to be individual posts over time if I got to posting them sooner. But now, it's just a mess. Probably not worth reading either.

...It felt longer in writingCollapse )
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New Cobwebs [May. 3rd, 2009|10:32 pm]
It has been many moons since my last recording.
Much has transpired since then.
Laziness truly is a demon, but I may at least manage what has come during a twelfth of this orbit.

EDIT: meh, forget it. By the time I get working on this entry, it'd be several months late already. This post was meant for April 26, 2009, but you can see how much I put this off. It was supposed to be written in a "The apocalypse is coming!" style, if anyone was interested in what I was going to do with this.

Fragments of entries I never followed up onCollapse )

Random Discovery Corner!

The installer I had for Adobe Suite is missing the .iso, can't get past the CD request pop up. meh.

It worked without that prompt in the laptop though, but the cause of that will be another random discovery for another day.
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(no subject) [Dec. 9th, 2008|06:40 pm]
Today, I woke up at 9:47. 43 minutes before a class which I couldn't afford anymore absences. AND I STILL MADE IT FOR CLASS, thanks to newly discovered ambidexterity that cut more than half of my usual preperation time. I also found out how slow and difficult it is to put socks on wet feet with one hand! Still wouldn't want having to do that again though.

The lesson? I need to remember to put alarm volume back to max the next time I decide quieting it down for 10 more minutes of sleep is a good idea.(It really is a good idea during the moment though)

On the way to school in the MRT, the light casing collapsed while some guy was holding it for support. Poor guy, guilt wouldn't let him leave without at least temporarily fixing it in place. He must've been in a hurry too. I should've helped him but if I did, I wouldn't have made it to class right when the teacher started taking attendance.

Looks like I'm starting to draw again. I was just curious on how shopkeepers from The World Ends With You looked like using their brand's pins, but I ended up working on more. I still hate hands. For writing, I was supposed to have two stories done by halloween, but too many papers were in the way. Will eventually continue them, definitely in time for next halloween or earlier. Boredom and not finding what you want in the internet turns out to be great inspiration to get back into hobbies.

Finally finished Macross Frontier. Forget Alto, Ozma got all the best lines. Once I'm done burning this, I can get back to downloading again!

Random Discovery Corner!

It seems like I have forgotten what you call those fluorescent light covers. Oh noes, is my vocabulary degrading that badly? Must... read... dictionary...
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Delayed post # 1: Anicon [Oct. 6th, 2008|06:21 pm]
Out at the center of the convention hall was a very beautiful thing. Free play on some X-Box 360 games, and no long winding lines! 'Twas a wonderful idea, to arrive before lunch came.The games available were Devil May Cry 4, Tales of Vesperia, Guitar Hero somenumber, some other Narutimate game, and Soul Calibur 4. There were others on the outer rim of the area, but I don't remember much besides Force Unleashed and another Soul Calibur 4. Only saw those at late afternoon, since I was too busy playing DMC 4 Soul Calibur 4 most of my time there in the morning.

DMC4... The two people ahead of me in line for the game quickly left, only a bit after finishing mission 1. As much as I would've liked to start a new game to fight Dante myself, I opted to continue on to mission 2. One odd thing is that the command for the new skill you obtain there appears nowhere. Took a long while of testing controls before I figured out how to do the most fun thing in that game and continue on. Despite familiarizing myself with the controls, I don't get what charging the sword does. It gives one glowy red attack, then it looks like things go back to normal after.

The combat system is mostly the same with the exception of the addition of the glowy hand attacks. The grab and slam move? Just fun for variety. What I really enjoyed was the long ranged grappling effect. Knocked away your enemy after the end of the normal combo? Grab them back and do it all over again until they die! Enemy fell in the middle of your mid-air onslaught? Grab, slam them back down, grab again and then combo! Thanks to that grab, it's really easy to reach B rank in combos despite it being so early in the game. They should've made the rankings a bit harder to reach if they made combos this easy. The second mission boss, Belial, was really fun. Big guy, and  no specific strategy needed to hurt him. Should've tried a few more times to beat him, but I felt I was overstaying my time there. If I want my karma in long lines to go better, I'd better not hold up lines too long.

Soul Calibur 4 has Talim! With just that fact, I was satisfied with how SC4 turned out. Hilde felt slow for me, she's probably a counter character. Too much lag after a strike from the spear. Turns out a lot of the players liked using Amy among the new characters. I do not like the X Box controller for fighting games, felt clunky. I don't think I played as well I should have, though that's no excuse for my losses.

Besides the gaming, there wasn't much to the con. Cosplayers were boring, no notable costumes either. The cosplay attribute of cons seems to be getting less and less interesting as another con comes and passes. There was some maid cafe, looked boring. Didn't go. It's no manga cafe.

Saw <lj user="gold_zealot2002"> and had coke. Saw <lj user="riyuji"> and friends and had pizza. Stomach was happy.
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Can you watch if what leaps through time can stop you? [Jul. 27th, 2008|09:30 pm]
I only found out it was this weekend yesterday afternoon.

My sister mentioned something about some j-pop concert at shangrila, and only then did I remember. I've been looking forward to it for a month, so of course I made plans immediately. I was going to see the girl that leapt through time at 6 that day.

Things are hardly fair though. I made it to shang exactly at 6, but of course it was too late. I decided to see maruko-chan instead. The girl that leapt through time was available the next day anyway.

Maruko-chan was just supposed to be sweet and innocent, but the fangirl sounds made some things seem... less innocent. Since when did those sounds get the power to give me rika-vision?

I tried to watch the girl that leapt through time at 2, but the others that wanted to watch too ruined that plan even though I did arrive an hour early. Waiting around 5 hours for the next opportunity was not fun, though at least I got another chance. Finally seeing the girl that leapt through time was a great. Kind of made the long wait worthwhile. Watched the movie all the way to the end, but had to leave before the end of the credits to catch the train. The only regret I could have would be if I could've confirmed something about the aunt and the extra one if only I stayed longer.
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yep, they added it! [May. 8th, 2008|07:34 pm]
 つ つ つ つ つ!
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(no subject) [May. 7th, 2008|07:47 pm]

This is the roof of DLSU's Science & Technology Research Center. I spent 2 seperate hours lying there, and those 2 hours were my most relaxing rests for the longest time. So satisfying, whatever happened the rest of the day wouldn't matter. Today was a good day Easy to access, no sign prohibiting unauthorized access there, very good wind, slightly warm... roof sheet(I forget what those were called), slightly slanted though still mostly horizontal, and a chilled can of coke from a vending machine during my second visit. It was slightly drizzling a bit before I left too. What more could I want?

oh right, an improvised ELECTRIC CHAIR! ...or whatever the heck it is, I never figured it out myself. Might make one question what really happens behind the curtains in DLSU, but isn't it cool?

not a special view downwards, but only the sky mattered to me anyway.

The building was only 4 floors high compared to the Andrew building's 21 floors, but I preferred this layout. Those slightly heated slanted roof sheets felt a lot more comfortable than concrete, no noisy machinery disrupting the quiet solitude of the area, and no annoying orange beetles bugging you while scaling to the highest point of the roof. gah, why did I only discover this place after I got kicked out? Would've been a great place for between classes, even if it was in a different building.

Looking straight up while lying down, I could see these barely noticable white sparkles that weren't really there floating around my vision. They seem to only appear on the sky though. Focusing on them then putting my hand in the way or looking downwards usually makes them disappear. It's probably bits of dust floating around the corona of the eyeball or something like that, but I'm not too sure. Nice thing to occupy the mind after finishing a Grifter comic I got during free comic book day though. Speaking of free comic book day, 23 FREE COMICS AT COMIC ODYSSEY. I only reached 18 by the end of the line though. gah, I suck. I should've at least gotten that other Arkham comic while i still had the chance.

Those 2 hours were more than enough to make my day, but there was more that made it great. The taft station I pass by between train rides was giving away free coke samples. Granted, it was coke zero, but the only difference that seemed significant was that it had a not as good after taste. An okay substitute if you're really after the zero calories feature though. More than a good enough refreshment between trips. I'm glad i decided to finish the transfer credentials form today.

This transfer credentials form is the best thing about failing or transferring out of DLSU. You're made to go on this epic quest around the school, visiting key buildings and locations, and demand signatures from important figures. I'd be running around with a plastic sword and shield and demanding signatures at swordpoint if it wouldn't severely affect my future, like ruining my chances of entering another college. I even took it upon myself to do a little sidequest of taking pictures of different areas I pass by for some background drawing practice. Most challenging places I took a picture of so far was the library and that theater at yuchengco. I had to locate myself away from the view of the circulation desk, but take a shot of a spot easily seen by them if they turned their heads. It's not easy finding the right time to take it then run off inconspicuously. The theater was dark,and the flash of the camera could be seen by anyone in it. Unfortunately, I didn't see the people below when I took the shot. No idea what happened to them after I heard the "hey!" and ran off. For all I know, they could still be pondering about the mysterious light. It's going to take a lot of luck and recklessness if I want a shot of the faculty room though...

On the trip home, I was in a crowded train but people were nice enough to give me a sizeable radius of empty space even if the rest of the car had little space for even an arm to move. Maybe it's because of the stench of my left backpack strap? Probably. Haven't washed it at all, and it's gotten to the point where half a week would go by and the sweat there still wouldn't be close to getting dry. Good thing I didn't remember to get it washed the day before then.

For a good day, I only spent P45 pesos. 20 for a chilled coke and 25 for one guitar freaks game at Glorietta. I can almost do GLIDE by Terra! Tomorrow? If I'm early, first showing of Speed Racer. 12:50 at Glorietta, so I'm not sure about making it. Dunno the time slots of other places.
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What condition is it when you start hearing your clothes talk to you? [Apr. 6th, 2008|12:44 pm]
Making the already warm climate
more uncomfortable
and pushing an insignificant
yet irritating weight
down your shoulders,
I am Warm Heavycoat!

Not cooperating to tie properly
and choking you slowly
when I finally do,
I am Constrictie!

Restricting your arm movements
and assisting the Constrictie's
assult on your throat,
I am Straitpolo!

Itching your legs
and making every touch of metal
a painful experience,
I am Fuzzy Staticpants!

Pinching your wrist tightly
with my metal plates,
bringing time to a complete stop
with my unmovable arms
AND irritating that little rash bubble
near your wrist,
I am Golden Watch-clamp!

Stuffy, stiff and clanky,
foiling your every stealth attempt,
We are Crashoes!

Together combined,
we form the most uncomfortable
yet expensive invention of man,
the Formal Suit!

oh, how I hate wearing that formal suit. Cousin's wedding was yesterday. Congratulations to him even though he'll never read this post.

Random Discovery Corner!

Chicken nuggets barbeque sauce on hot fudge sundae tastes like caramel? I must try that again with a bigger dosage to make sure!
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contemplation on gas and memory loss(maybe) [Mar. 22nd, 2008|06:03 pm]
A compilation of thoughts about a strange feeling. Typing them down this time so self-contemplation doesn't go into loops again. Not exactly an entertaining or provoking read. Probably going to be a bit long due to rambling.

Content is lo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0onger than this lj cut statementCollapse )

EDIT: hee hee, I just noticed this ruins your friends pages

Random Discovery Corner!

You know those big bandaids for big wounds? There's a version of it which FRAMES your wounds! There's a square cut into the middle of the bandage and instead of the usual piece of gauze, the hole is covered with a transparent plastic wrapping instead! The rest of the bandage is blank white and paperish too, so you can design your own frames! Instead of sucking it up, it shows how the yellowish pus on my leg wound leaks. So fun, yet disturbing to watch. Bending my leg like that for that long to watch it was painful though.
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(no subject) [Mar. 8th, 2008|10:29 pm]
I could talk about this two day extra-curricular(I probably spelled this word wrong) "educational activity" that just took place since yesterday, but too tired right now. I'd be asleep right now if it wasn't for procrastination. It's been getting worse. It started off only happening when there was important work to be done, but it now occurs even on doing daily neccessities, like bathing and sleeping. Procrastinating plans of procrastination too, as proven by me typing this besides being too lazy to talk about the last two days.

I'm probably lacking sleep. There's this slow ringing sound I hear right now, no idea where it's from. Seems like I can only hear it in my room, though it sounds like it's coming from a distance away. Not even a single sound, even just being out the door. I'd gather it's coming from my imagination, but covering ears seems to keep it down. Whatever it is, it's the loudest faint sound I've ever heard. Can't be the fire alarm. I've heard how those sound like at home, and it's nothing like it. Another instance of confusing fantasy for reality?

...Now I wonder how I'd be when I finally crack
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(no subject) [Feb. 27th, 2008|06:49 pm]
This sure is late, isn't it? This post was supposed to be done since Sunday, but it took a while to acquire this. My thoughts are basically the same as everyone else's, so instead I obtained an entry from some random waitress from Itallani's:

Yesterday was a slow day, even at peak times during lunch. We didn't need to do much at first. I even got some of the buffet to make it look like more people went by it. It's such a shame, the lasagna and fish were really well prepared too! It really looked like we'll be taking leftovers home again. I don't mind eating it, but microwaving it doesn't bring it anywhere close to its original heat, texture, aroma and taste. If it was ever going to be eaten, better now than when it gets cold. That food... they were like children to me. I watched them grow up from tiny ingredients to the great delicacies they are now. Sure I just stood by entranced at the work of our chefs, but I did help bringing the ingredients and keeping them safe! When all seemed lost and our food looked like they were about to be wasted, our savior came in the form of a beautiful bottomless belly with glasses from the heavens.

Since his glorious arrival, dish after dish disappeared, devoured during their prime. We were busy again, trying to keep up with him and restocking again and again. Whenever we begin to get used to the pace, a friend of his would show up to help in the cycle. An equilibrium has been reached. It's like this place has found its duty in life. I... I have never seen such happiness in this place during my two years of working here! My gratefulness was so overflowing, I just had to thank this man no matter what! It took a while, but I was able to find out he was Artoo after listening in from my counter. More importantly, I found out his birthday is today! Eeeeeeeeee! I found a way to thank him! Since my inward squeal, I already had my favorite tamborine tightly clutched. While waiting for them to request us to sing to him, I fervently composed an original score to play on my tamborine just for him. Everytime I'd hear the word birthday, I'd tense up. He stops them from calling us each time though. When I was done with the score, I got some free people to rearrange the tables to give us space fr our birthday performance when it comes. Still, we were never told directly. I ordered a cake just for him. Sadly, they used the wrong picture for the celebrant. In the end, they began to leave. It was then when one of them told the one by the door that it was Artoo's birthday! IT WAS TIME! We all rushed to our positions! ...only to see him flee away. Even if he left, I stood my ground. It was not yet over, I knew one other way to congratulate his birthday.

Earlier that day, one of our staff asked for a break at night to watch this traditional japanese drum concert. Wadaiko, I think it was called. It was the biggest event of the mall for the day. Surely, surely he won't leave until seeing it himself!

Right before the concert, I talked to some of the performers. I asked if they could dedicate a part of their act for a birthday greeting. I was a bit unsure if they could understand my weak korean, but it looked like they agreed. All they asked from me is to dub their message during the song. It was to be their third act, so I took a seat to watch a bit of what they do.

They were amazing. It felt like all their energy and effort spread to all of us watching. Just seeing the speed of their swings made me stare in awe. I could feel the power put in every beat. Before I knew it, I was snapped out of my trance. It's time I do my part, about time to show our branch's appreciation for his miracle. I got so caught up, I wasn't sure anymore if I was following along with the japanese well enough. No matter, as long as the message gets across. It's not like anyone will notice. This time, he must've heard me. He may never know it was from us, but just knowing he received our greetings was enough. He was there to listen, right?

Unfortunately for her, he left even before the performance. Tsk, he missed a lot. Like being in poking distance to the Japanese ambassador and joining Rika in her fangirl pictures with the Wadaiko performers. The swinging balls and broom-flute were the best!

ahh, that was a good day. Back to exams, homeworks and group projects now.

Random Discovery Corner!

Pata pata pata pon~
Pon pon pata pon~
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Yesterday's post posted today! [Jan. 25th, 2008|10:31 pm]
I am now... a criminal.

I can no longer turn back. I am now cast into the dark side of society. Gone are the days when I could walk freely as a clean slate in a stranger's mind, for I have committed a truly henious deed. A deed so vile, that even murderers and terrorists would scorn at me. If only I knew how grave of a matter it was. How foolish of me, to not see the problems and consequences it could cause! I am no longer innocent, for I have left my things unattended on a table.

Scold, shout, and scorn all you want! I deserve it, for I once left my things unattended on a table. Even robbery is petty compared to what I did. It's just like leaving a helpless baby that has an unwavering trust for you out in the cold, and forgetting about it despite hearing its cries.

There was this one class on the 8th floor of the tallest building in my school. It was the last class, and I was lazy. I thought I could lighten the load of my trek up the stairs by leaving things I wouldn't use on a table occupied by people I knew. Of course I knew they might leave at one time or another, but I gave the possibility no heed. Such demonic thoughts I had, maybe I never truly deserved to live at the just side of life. When I returned to the table, those I knew had already left and my things were already taken away by the disciplinary officers. It was these wise people that made me realize the seriousness of my crime.

What if a wanderer from a far away land arrived at Gokongwei looking for a place to sit? If every other seat was occupied and he thought the table with things on it was reserved, he wouldn't be able to sit, for I left my things unattended on a table. What if a former thief wishing to reform himself passed by? He'd have an irresistable urge to steal, for I left my things unattended on a table. What if someone brought a bomb to school and wished to put it down for a while? He'd put it down on the floor, a careless student would trip over it, prematurely detonate it, and cause an explosion that would result in hundreds of casualities including the guy that brought the bomb in, all because I left my things unattended on a table. I am truly a heartless being, not taking any of these into account.

It does not stop at ifs of the past. Many consequences could come at the future just because of the unforgivable act I have done. A company dealing with deliveries that I'm trying to get a job in would immediately reject me after checking my records and finding out what I did. I would lose the government's trust, so I'll have to have a license to carry anything, just to make sure I don't repeat the same mistake. I would receive the scorn of tables everywhere, and they would refuse to service me in any way. I'll have to rely on more forgiving things instead, like pillows, beds, walls and floors, though even their trust in me is quickly corroding. Truly a terrible restrained life I would live. Even then, there would be nothing I could do to make up for the error of my ways.

So you see, pity me not. A vile creature such as I doesn't deserve it, for I left my things unattended on a table.

Random Discovery Corner!

Rika drinks pineapples
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Late night musings [Jan. 5th, 2008|04:56 pm]
Late last night, around 3 to 4am, I still couldn't get myself to sleep. What did I do? Stare at the corners of the ceiling. Everything was off, no lights, no aircon, nocomputer finishing a late night download. The brightest thing around was the window, and there were no street lights on at that side of the house.

You know, under minimal light, darkness doesn't look black at all. Staring at a distance my night vision can't reach, what I see is something like noise particles. Did that make sense? err, like the static on TV when the signal isn't good. Looked kind of greenish to me too, but that might just be because of the color of the walls. As I stare longer and eyes adjust more to the darkness, blobs of shades appear, blobs take a definitive shape, and sometimes some of the finer details undergo the same process until they become recognizable too.

At the time, I was playing with this hangnail on my thumb too. When I turned on the light to cut it off, the noise seen intensifies for a bit, then quickly clears. Closing the light, I see a kind of glow from the TV and the light. It's kind of similar to the phenomenon on how the moon glows. Speaking of moons, if you check the sky at around 4-5pm, even when the sky is still bright, you can see the moon already. I was always amused at that. One of the few things I really wanted to take a picture of but ironically never tried to attempt. The point of all this? I'm an android! MWAHAHAHAHA! nah, can't be. I don't even have a built-in visor or gatling butt.

As if random thinking wasn't enough, I had this strange dream about owning some demonic squid and carrying it around in a plastic bag when I finally slept. It was normal sized, say the squid head was the same size as a human head, but it had that second mouth thing like the aliens in Alien do and it opens really wide. As long as whatever it bites fits in the mouth, the head would stretch enough to accomodate the thing. I forgot how the dream explained how I got the thing in the first place, but I do remember that it latched on to my hand and was a pain to take off. I think it talked then too. Apparently, it had retractable teeth since all I remember feeling then when it latched on were soft gums. For some reason, I ended up in Ireland and threw the thing at a lake to see if it could eat the Loch Ness monster. It took in the head, spit it out, swam back to me and said something about the lake being blessed and that it was weaker than usual. One of the few dreams I remember for more than a few minutes after waking up.

And now, I probably wasted three of your minutes(or just one, for speed readers) with this pointless rant and there's nothing you can do about it!

There's probably some fragments here and there in this entry, as well as some running sentences. I abuse commas too much.

Random Discovery Corner!

Guitar Freaks V4 is at Glorietta! forgot to mention that to you, Jake. I spotted just one new song by BeForU, (something) Party!, around level 14. There might be a lot of other songs of interest, but I'm too pathetic for more than half of the new songs. I think there's just about 10 songs below level 30 in the new batch?
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Merry christmas [Dec. 25th, 2007|01:36 am]
Another family party finished, same as always. People form their little groups, eating a share of the food prepared, maybe watch a basketball game on TV and make a few small matter-of-fact comments, all the while wearing those public relations smiles. Very... professional, I guess. Christmas party? Besides the obligatory gift giving and house decor, there wasn't much a trace of christmas. Long gone is the time when we'd at least stare at the same clock, contesting on who'd greet first. Instead, a mexican stand off among those unsure whether to believe their watches or not. It's amusing to watch too, in it's own right. Can I even call it a family party? really is more like a business party of acquaintances. The only evidence of the celebration immortalized in pictures are only smiles and happiness influenced by a camera pointing at them, and looking back at those and believing them will only bring false memories. No family gathering besides the provincial Parada ng Lechon was what I'd call personal, but this is the first to be blatant about it.

Same old, same old. I'm bored.

Merry perfect square date of the celebration of the most highly religious and commercialized holiday even though you probably won't see this until around 6 hours or so after posting!
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whee, not exactly a style I enjoy reading, but might as well use it once in a while [Dec. 19th, 2007|01:09 pm]
A tightrope.

A narrow path surrounded by nothing past its boundaries. A path not even as wide as a child's foot. The time has come where I must tread it, holding this key all the way through. It doesn't matter if I fall or not, as long as this key makes it through. If I fall, I can always eventually recover and return, as long as the key is through. Unfortunately, no one can hold the key if I am not, for it is mine. Whether left or right, as long as I fall, the key will be lost; no exemptions.

At the bottom, there might be another key; but for a different path. There will never be another for the one I now tread. Still, for as long as this one is still accessible, I will tread nothing else.

The tension I need is not with me, it may never come. People feel tense in tense situations? Even common sense will fail just for schadenfreude. If it won't come, I might as well emulate it. Even with the answer so clear, will I do it? This is why I'm in the tightrope at the first place.

Thoughts on a random occurance in a jeepneyCollapse )

Random Discovery Corner!

Free cuts can also occur during course card distribution! wait, that isn't a good thing...
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I doubt anyone else but one will get this reference [Nov. 4th, 2007|05:48 pm]
My name is Raziel.

I can't tell you my real name, even moreso my last name. I forgot what it was. Okay, that wasn't true but it's easier to believe that. You see,there's a parasitic alien race after us called the Yeerks. They're these slugs that could crawl into your ear, wrap around your mind, and take control. From that point, they decide everything you do. Where you go, who you talk to, and even how you tie your shoes. They can also tap into your mind and read through your thoughts and memories as if they were in a book, so they could casually continue your life, and no one will notice. You'll still be concious of what is happening, but all you can do is helplessly watch, in most cases. The Yeerks can be anyone. Your neighbor, the mailman, the police, the compasm teacher, even that overly cheery McDonalds cashier that keeps spilling your coke all over your change. So we can't just give away our identities, because we are the only resistance against this hidden threat. Me, Tob- ...or maybe just me, in this country. I'm not part or even known by the main team led by Jake.

It all started on halloween a few days ago. After spending time in classes with a halloween mask on and experiencing failure after failure on Trick or Treat attempts, I decided to give a late visit to a group of old friends. To increase my chances to getting to the gathering before everyone leaves, I took a shortcut through the abandoned construction site I have no memory of seeing before that moment. It was there where I saw a crashing ship and the pilot, an Andalite soldier completely unrelated to Elfangor, called Alfangor. It reminded too much of what I used to read in a pocketbook series I collected with bookgeekish passion, except this alien wasn't injured or being pursued by anyone. Alfangor told me everything I needed to know while I was safely hidden behind a rock. About the Yeerks, the Andalites, the invasion, and Visser 3... who was too preoccupied by some other part of the world to bother with such a low-profile 3rd world country.

During the discussion in thought-speak, my cellphone rang several times. sometimes text messages, sometimes calls; all which were to find out of my current whereabouts or if I was going. To buy some time to help this andalite and his stranded predicament, I lied and said I was still on either one of the trains while being vague about it. Somehow, the Yeerks were able to pick up one of the cellphone's signals and found are position. Out of nowhere, bug like ships appeared and landed. Out of them came tall lizards with blades covering their bodies and giant yellow centepedes. Of course I knew what they were, I didn't read over 40 books about them without storing info in the geek-related trivia portion of my brain. As I watched him being brutally mutilated in a hard to describe way, he told me... that he was not my father. The guy didn't bother trying to give me the blue cube at all! I pilfered it from his ship while he was being beaten and escaped under the cover of a rock. I was powerless to help you now, Alfangor, but I will avenge you one day. This gift you have given me with your dying breath will not go to waste.

Suprisingly, I arrived at the gathering with plenty of time left before anyone started leaving. It was also the perfect time to test the cube. I morphed one of the dogs around the house which I shall randomly call Homer for no reason at all until I find it's true name and took a nap by the door as my friends chatted away without noticing my prescence. It was a complete success.

On the following days, I would discover weak Yeerk activity. Stolen statues from a provincial cemetery, increased annoying motorcycle activity on the roads, people claiming to be from a group called the Sharing offering these... strange bands with foul smelling flowers on them, slow progress on the construction of a disappointingly small Yeerk pool in the bombed part of the Glorietta mall explaining why access to the are is restricted. ...Seems like our country has nothing to worry about.

However, there is some evidence that people change after failing the Calculus class I am currently taking. After some investigation, it seems like they are now part of the Sharing... I better not fail this next test.

Tobias' Advice Corner!

Tobias: Keep the introduction part short next time. It'll give more space for the progressing story.
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(no subject) [Oct. 29th, 2007|09:46 pm]
I'm idling.

not writing, not drawing, not training in anything, not finishing anything, not looking through random trivia, and most certainly not studying. usually if a deadline is close, I could at least put a lot of effort in a few hours' cram. Can't even get myself to do that much anymore. Even boredom doesn't seem to get me out of the house anymore.

It's okay, it's alright, no problem, I don't mind. Thinking of the future in ifs instead of wills and shoulds should've made me more adaptable, but it just drained any drive, any enthusiasm to do anything. No goal for the future, nothing to aim for. Just gaining things by whim until I find something to do with them should've been okay, but I'm losing my whim too.

Might need a hiatus soon to force myself to do something. Probably will be too lazy to even go on hiatus. Can't wait until I can laugh at myself for this phase.

Ladies and gentlemen, I now nominate myself as the king of laziness. Stand, those who wish to contest me! I shall sleep through all opposition!

Why post this? I plan to use this as an excuse in the event of being late, failing to fulfill a favor, giving generic replies, and etc. Genius, isn't it?
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(no subject) [Oct. 27th, 2007|02:12 pm]
ahaha, I'm out of it again. was going to Shang for saturday or sunday? It's true, the mind shouldn't idle too much. I feel idiocy returning.

random stolen memes:

LiveJournal Username
Fifteen men on a dead man's chest!
Cutlass or pistol?
What is the name of your pirate ship?
Where is your secret pirate base?
What kind of loot do you prefer?
What do you and your crew prefer to be called?
Parrot or monkey?
Your capable first matekokuren_hana
Your bumbling cabin boy with a heart of goldmisscreole
The aloof, yet honorable, pirate with a mysterious pastkokuren_hana
Is always the first one into the frayinsane_orange
Is the naval officer who ruthlessly pursues your shipchick_guitarman
Is the comical pirate who is always drunk on grogkokuren_hana
Is currently in Davy Jones's lockercrussian
The amount of money you make as a pirate$66,425
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...I make a lousy pirate

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Do you know how much time it is going to take to get all this blood out of the carpet?
Do you plan on joining the fray?
Is the first one killedjpop_princess
Strikes fear into the hearts of others with their Chainsaw of DOOM!runeliu
Keeps spouting corny catchphrasesabcd_wasabi
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Manages to decapitate themself on accidentriyuji
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Procrastination from midterm preparations [Oct. 19th, 2007|08:05 pm]
meme stolen from those reading this that did this not so long ago

10 Things currently on your desk
2 clocks
Good Omens
Deal Breaker
rubber wrist band thingie from Mangaholix convention
Tekken and Rival Schools movelists
TV controller(gathering dust?)
(notice 4 of these things keep time and have alarms... that STILL don't wake me up early enough)

9 Favorite ships(may not exactly be top 9 favorites, but favorites that can come off from the top of my head)
Black Pearl - Pirates of The Carribean(ROCK CRABS!!! THOUSANDS OF THEM!!!)
Death Star - Star Wars(this counts, right? RIGHT?)
Albiore - Tales of The Abyss(from the top of my head)
Epoch - Chrono Trigger(added on whim, also because I can't recall anymore ships)
Ragnarok - Final Fantasy 8(mostly for the BGM that comes with it)
Highwind - Final Fantasy 7(BECAUSE IT'S THE HIGHWIND(FF7 fanboy))
Starscream - Transformers(not sure if this counts...)
Batwing - Batman(reasons are obvious, very obvious)
Durandal - Xenosaga(ahh, memories...)
Great Fox - Starfox(very fond memories...)

8 Of your current favorite songs
Hito Toshite Jiku ga Bureteiru - Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
God Knows - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
La Vie Boheme - RENT
Skill - JAM PROJECT(still listening to it a lot...)
Schadenfreude - Avenue Q
Tooku Made - Do As Infinity
We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful - Reel Big Fish
Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo - Takahashi Youko

7 People you talk to most

6 Favorite kinds of candy/chocolate
Nestle Crunch

5 Favorite bands and ONE artist(going to be hard since music preferences are mostly on themes, Old School memories, instrumentals, and soundtracks. I suppose musicals don't count...)
Do As Infinity
Reel Big Fish
Morning Musume
Nobou Uematsu

4 Websites you visit daily
Looking For Group(webcomic. not visited daily, but close enough)
YouTube(I blame all those that send me YouTube links via YM :P)

3 Items on your wall(do outside closet doors count?)
hinged brace (from my handicapped days. were those washed since I last used them? I don't remember anymore...)

2 Favorite sayings
"Murphy's Law sucks"(all too true, appropriate for many situations, and heard from various sources. who can't agree with this saying?)
"Yoink!"(appropriate for many cases. like how I have come to acquire this meme. Sounds fun to say too!)

1 Favorite movie
Back To The Future

Random Discovery Corner!

Some people are too gullible when desperate! So much potential for so much fun!
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Repeat of old habits [Oct. 15th, 2007|06:49 pm]
browsed through my old blogger, and decided to redo a few things here since there still isn't anything in life worth posting

Random post generator! plus a lot of extra edits

Today my sister and I were writing an essay about janitors in the Dark Ages. We were quite fascinated by the mops, so we told my false imaginary friend Tasha about it, and she interrupted:

"That's amazing!.. No kidney?! I was just dreaming about the Dark Ages in Disneyland!"

But then when my sister and I got to the part about the jello, Tasha stopped yelling high-pitchedly. But the next day, Tasha's brother beat me up and told me that the reason Tasha was so freaked out was because she had to study computer assembly in class. ...I can't blame her. At times Tasha can be very cool like that(hear that? randomly asking your brother to beat me up is cool!), but I need to make this ticky-thing work...

Random Post Generator, Babelfished!!!

Today my sisters and I write an essay about the manager in the dark time. We by quite charmed have scratched, therefore we told friend Tasha which I assumed fictionalizes regarding this, and she has severed:

"is surprising! . . Without the kidney? ! I am justly have a dream about the dark time in Disneyland!"

But on the other hand when my sisters and I obtained to the part about jello, Tasha stopped yelling high pitchedly. But the next day, Brother Tasha have beaten severely me and tell me, reason Tasha is therefore freaked is because she must study the computer assembly in the kind. ... I am unable to blame her. Tasha possibly often is extremely cool picture that (hear that? Wilfully requests you brothers to perplex me is cool!) But I need to do this ticky matter work...

Random quiz:

Paranoid Personality Disorder:Very High
Schizoid Personality Disorder:Very High
Schizotypal Personality Disorder:Very High
Antisocial Personality Disorder:High
Borderline Personality Disorder:Low
Histrionic Personality Disorder:Moderate
Narcissistic Personality Disorder:Low
Avoidant Personality Disorder:High
Dependent Personality Disorder:Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:High

-- Take the Personality Disorder Test --
-- Personality Disorder Info --

XD it's a lot worse than last time. whee!!!

Random Discovery Corner!

Strong magnets are STILL fun! Who has braces? I want to try something out!
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